About Me

Jermain Miller: From The Beginning

Jermain Miller grew up in an environment deemed to make him fail. With no father in his life Jermain and his little brother were raised by a single mother in a what was then a tough Staten Island neighborhood. Jermain was surrounded by terrible people growing up that influenced him to be a person he regrets. Luckily, he had his grandparents to look up to and keep him under control. Jermain’s grandmother really set the bar for him as a young man and taught him respect, manners, how to be a gentlemen and gave him confidence to recognize that he is more than just an inner city boy. Grandma Miller lived in Harlem back in the 80’s, and as most of us know, Harlem was saturated with drugs, violence, HIV and violence during that time. Instead of looking at the situation negatively, Jermain’s number one priority was to get his mother out of Harlem. As the years passed Jermain worked hard in school and began thriving. He went to college, started learning the ropes as a businessman and began understanding what it’s like to really start becoming successful.

Unfortunately Jermains college career was cut short when his Grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Jermain was officially recognized as the provider for the family and had to begin providing. Before he knew it, 6 months after dropping out, Grandma Miller passed away. Jermain couldn’t provide the right amount of funding to put his grandmother in the right mental environment and it drove him insane. Jermain lost his route and before he was even able to grasp the situation, his Grandfather died of cancer as well. This loss of both of Jermain’s grandparents weighed so heavily on him that from 20 to 25 years old Jermain went homeless, lost all of his belongings that he worked so hard to earn, started having kids from different women and even ended up being imprisoned. Back to his routes Jermain was stuck. An underprivileged African American boy from an inner city isn’t supposed to be successful anyway right? Wrong. One morning Jermain woke up and realized this isn’t the life he wanted to live anymore. It’s time to get back on his feet. He started by picking up a book by Les Brown, and one line really stuck with him. “You have greatness in you” said Les Brown. And with the confidence that routed from Jermain’s grandmother, Jermain decided to start making serious changes. Without the funds to go back to school or the credibility to get hired, Jermain decided to borrow money from a friend to get his real estate license.  

With .93 cents left in his bank account you can sure believe that Jermain was motivated..Jermain quickly got a job after passing his real estate courses and was recognized as the first person in the office and the last one out. Little did the other realtors know Jermain was sleeping at his office day in and day out because he was still homeless at the time. He woke up to coffee and bagels and hit the streets of New York to make deals happen. Jermain quickly rose in the ranks as he was making money but he still had that terrible attitude that didn’t allow him to progress. He thought that he was always better than everyone else and eventually it caught back up to him. Jermain ended up leaving the firm he was at in attempt to make a move which didn’t pan out the way he expected. Not yet a broker Jermain realized that he made a massive mistake, he lost nearly all his money being a young man and never having a dollar he wasn’t familiar with how to save. Jermain eventually found his place at Douglas Elliman and did phenomenal. In 2015 Jermain became a broker and opened his own offices. In a short amount of time Jermain has managed to open 3 offices and pursue his real passion as a business/life coach.

As a well recognized motivational speaker and life coach, Jermain has spoken in front of thousands of people and discusses lessons he’s learned throughout the years. He tries to leave a positive impact on every single listener and a touch of Miller motivation. Jermain is a firm believer in forgetting about the consequences of what CAN happen IF you lose compared to what WILL happen if you win. “It doesn’t matter if other people believe in you or not, it matters if you believe in yourself.” – Jermain Miller.